Urban Dictionary

1. tania

Girl's name for characteristically: smart, pretty, and shy females
-they dont know what they have which makes them even more loveable

Awww, Tania is so cute!


2. Tania

this word mean a really pretty girl that falls in love with guys that are sweet and cute with pretty eyes.

hey girl don´t be a Tania when you meet that guy.


3. Tania
A shortened form of the name 'Titania', the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s "A Mid-Summer's Nights Dream"

Titania sounds weird, lets just call her 'Tania'


4. tania
Girls with this name tend to be a weird Armenian that no one has ever heard of. Usually marked with stupidity, Abercrombie/Hollister clothing, money and is extremely, horribly, gay.

Whoah! Is that Tania?! She's SO gay!


5. Tania
a selfish, dumb, cunt eating, faggot fucking, gypsy fuck who needs to get the big black dick out of her ass

My mom's name should be Tania cause that dumb bitch is fucking crazy and needs some serious meds!



2 Response to "Urban Dictionary"

  1. Insisto en que Tania viene de Titania, pero de los X-men XD
    jajaja, no ya enserio, de la mitologia griega, del femenino de titan, osea que eres una mujer bien powerosa XD

  2. Me gusta esa definición... Me dedicaré a patear traseros xD y cobraré por ello xD